Welcome to Azal

An initiative dedicated to fostering a nurturing community for individuals where safety and support are paramount

A safe and secure community ━ We believe in equality and fostering a safe environment
Not for crisis help ━ Our resources do not provide crisis assistance nor are a substitute for professional guidance
Supportive Resources ━ Discover a range of helpful resources, guidance and informative articles

This is a safe and welcoming place

For you to talk about whatever you may be going through or become a part of a welcoming community where you can openly share


Our Mission

To create a safe space for people to discuss without the fear of judgment


Everything created by Azal is designed for accessibility and user-friendliness

Created With Love

We passionately create our community and content, carefully tailoring them to meet our community's unique needs

Community Focus

A place where you can feel less alone, share about whatever you're going through, and maybe find people going through similar things and work through them together


We are committed to ensuring that our communities are well-moderated and provide a safe and inclusive environment for all members

Peer Support Limitations

The advice and support received from the community & our resources are not a replacement for professional advice

Explore how to join the community and discover our online spaces


The primary hub for seeking support and guidance

  • Forum Discussion
  • Flair Categorization
  • Supports Throwaways
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Discord Server

The main community space for all things related to Azal

  • Supportive Community
  • Weekly Affirmations
  • Activities & Events
  • Ticket Support
  • Weekly Reads
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Matrix Homeserver

Privacy friendly and encrypted communication

  • Bridged with Discord
  • Selective E2E Encryption
  • Respects Anonymity
  • Decentralized